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Starting a Niche Website

May 16, 2016 at 3:56 am

Online shopping is now a mainstream part of everyone’s week. The large online retailers have actually made things easier (IMHO) to get your brand noticed. Search engine completion was recently crazy with everyone wanting an affiliate shop. Now with the updated algorithms in place, only quality sites will rise to the first page.

So How is it Easier?

Well, the large name brands have pushed many out of reach (crap sites…) and many have not returned. So, a well thought out plan and some basic marketing, will get your site to the top! Now, like anything the old saying goes….”anything worth doing, is worth doing right.”

Lets get started. Many DIY’s get this part wrong in my opinion. Your website needs to be built correctly in accordance with Google and other search engine criteria, so it will start ranking. It does not need to be visually pleasing at this point. Many times site owners believe the appearance of their site will effect their rankings; this is a partial truth. Once your site is getting notice in the search engines, the functionality, site layout, and ease of use, will play a part in how long people stay on your site, and if they return. Thus, creating an environment that will then positively effect your search engines rankings.

An example (or Two…)

We had to look fairly deep to find this one, but it is following the basic principals I just touched on.

tacticalhuntingandcamping.com, is a very new site, in fact as of the date this article was published it was only a week old. It has two basic pages. the home page, (Tactical Backpack) and another, (Hunting Boots). It has a few others such as: about us, privacy, ect. Those pages are required, yet many sites you visit do not have them….another reason they are most likely not on the first page or two of your favorite search engine. Another niche site (jordansforsale.org), is in the sports shoes niche. This is a niche with hungry buyers. The problem is being seen in such a saturated space. Sites like this have stiff completion so ranking to the first page of google may only be a dream. They must use other marketing techniques to drive traffic and build a reputation with their fans. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram are all wonderful places to do this.

Another creative site that uses “tracfone promo codes” to drive traffic, is samsunggalaxycenturatracfone.com, the site has is so new it does not have any outbound or inbound links. At least not any indexed as of today. However, the site is very well constructed, although it has not been “beautified” yet. I like this. They are working to get their rankings going by displaying quality content and well laid out site. Search engines will like this as well, as the sites inner linking is easy to navigate and the content is not only unique, but useful as well. I would bet in a few months after the site is ranking and receiving organic search traffic, it will be “beautified.”

Tips on How to Select the Best Industrial Desks

April 25, 2016 at 10:35 pm

Selecting industrial desks can be a daunting process as there’s little room for expressing individual preferences. More so, different workshop situations will dictate the use of specific desk styles, designs, functionality and even material make as these qualities impact on how productive the users will be. As such, knowing which designs and styles best suit your needs is essential to choosing the right industrial desks. In this guide, learn some essential tidbits you should put into consideration before you set out to do the selection. Read on.

Industrial Desks Buying Tips


How convenient the workspace is has a direct bearing on how productive the users are. Whatever desk you opt for should be spacious enough to handle all the essential items that users may need to have by their side. This means space for items such as cellphones, a coffee mug, and a pen holder. More so, the desk should have an ergonomic design such that you can use it for prolonged durations without feeling overly strained.


Before you can opt for a given office desk, ascertain that it can indeed hold all the essential tools of trade required by the users. These include space for in-trays, well-placed grommets and extra room for documents requiring attention. In like manner, a good desk should have enough storage compartments where users can safely store frequently used items. These may entail the inclusion of shelves where need be, drawers, and storage compartments for equipment such computer’s CPU that may require a ventilated, clean and protected space.


How would you want your visitors to perceive your office? Should they see an old and boring space or a stylish and welcoming office? The type of desk you opt to bring in play a great part in influencing perceptions about your workstation. A sleek metal table covered with a glass top creates a contemporary look for your workstation while a round table that has wood turned legs creates a romantic feel around space. Be sure that whichever style you opt for creates a professional yet friendly environment ideal for everyone.

Durability and Stability

Industrial desks with thick tops and equally stout legs create a sense of stability. Generally, an industrial desk should move less often since many of the industrial processes require a steady and stable environment. Aside from creating a stable working area, sturdy desks can be used for prolonged durations thus saving the organizations possible maintenance and replacement cost.


Price points for industrial desks will definitely range from budget friendly options to ultra-expensive offers and, as such, you should have a set budget before starting the actual selection process. A good budget should be divided into subsections such as expenditure on the main furniture, accessories and even cost of installing the furniture where need be. A budget ensures you will only have an eye for what you can actually need and the organization can actually afford.

Bottom line.

Ultimately, an ideal industrial desk should be one that resonates well with both users and visitors to the workshop. Keep the above industrial desks selection tips in mind the next time you go searching for a replacement set for they will help you choose the most suiting furniture for your workshop.

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